The last I'd heard about Kate Gosselin, since the cancelling of "Kate Plus 8", was that she'd gotten a job blogging about coupons. Looks like now she's got another gig: hosting a "celebrity cruise" on the high seas. Now, because I would actually pay not to be stuck on a boat with Kate Gosselin, it surprised me how much people were willing to spend to hang out with the reality TV star who once completely lost it over a slice of pizza...

E! News reports that the trip is going for  $1,575 to $5,500 per person!

The company behind the trip, Luxury Cruises and Tours launched the website for the package yesterday. A rep told E!, "We are getting so many calls, so many emails... When we first put up our website, we were thinking we would get mostly families, but then we started getting a lot of enquiries about singles. So just yesterday afternoon we put up a single rate, and we hadn't even had that [planned]."

For their thousands, trip-goers will get to meet Kate at a private BBQ, take a commemorative photo, even do crafts with Kate-- "Doesn't Kate always have the best ideas! Learn a new craft from the professional herself!", exclaims the trip website.

Meh. While I'd love to go on a cruise, I can think of about 400 reality TV stars I'd rather meet. I mean, I'd at least like to shake hands with the Kardashians so I can ask them about their fabulous hair, and the guys from NY Ink seem pretty cool (and yeah, OK, pretty sexy too).

What about you? Any reality TV stars you'd like to hang out with?