What starts out as just a normal video of a girl filming herself with a GoPro attached to a selfie stick, quickly turns into an intense video of trying to survive.

Erynn Johns was having what seemed to be a nice, relaxing day while swimming with her dad, Derrick, at the Nantucket beach. They started out wading through the chest deep water, but slowly swam out farther to a point where they were no longer able to touch. Although this seems like what most people do on a normal day at the beach while swimming, it most likely does not cross your mind that it may be able to quickly turn almost fatal.

The current quickly becomes too strong for Erynn and Derrick to swim back to shore by themselves. Luckily there were others around to see them struggling. Erynn was saved by someone grabbing onto her selfie stick and pulling her to shore, while her father, Derrick, was pulled to shore by some life guards.

Although an ex-Marine, Derrick said, "I was overseas in the Marine Corps and I had never been that scared or felt that helpless in that current."

Watch the intense video below.