Back in February, Mark Wahlberg was spotted in West Michigan playing golf and visiting the Grand Rapids’ based Meijer headquarters. The real reason he was in town was super-secret although we all kind of assumed it had something to do with Wahlburgers and the grocery chain.

Well, now we know why he was in town earlier this year.  MLive caught up with the actor Monday morning as he was in Detroit checking on a site for a new Royal Oak Wahlburgers location.

"We've got a lot of cool stuff going on. We're trying to arrange a trip right now to do some store visits and stuff like that and bring a performance inspired nutrition and maybe doing some Wahlburgers on some outlots. Great, great business. Excited to be in business with Meijer."

The MLive article also says Mark has been in Detroit throughout the weekend, stopping at the 1st Michigan Wahlburgers location in Greektown in Downtown Detroit and visiting kids at Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

Let’s hope they can make something happen and we get Wahlburgers around here and then lets really hope that Mark and maybe even Donnie want to come visit more often!

source: MLive

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