Merriam-Webster put together a brand new feature on their website.  They call it Time Traveler and it lists when a word or phrase was first used in print.  You enter in your birth year and it spits out a list of the words or phrases that were first used the year you were born.

Connie, Fish, and Steve picked their 3 favorite words or phrases from the year of their birth and here they are:

Connie's Favorites

  1. Cash Bar
  2. Gross Out
  3. Safe Sex

Fish's Favorites

  1. BeerPong
  2. Flextime
  3. Munchkin

Steve's Favorites

  1. Cyberpunk
  2. Mouse Pad
  3. Beta Test

What are your favorite words or phrases that were born the same year as you?  Post them in the comments!