With a streak of rainy days, all of our lawns are lush and green, but also in need of a grass cut. 

The grass in my front lawn is so high that I can barely see all the squirrels and birds that are out and about looking for their daily food supplies.

Sadly, tall grass may be one reason why a Solon Township man accidentally drove his riding lawn mower over his five-year old daughter.  Apparently, the girl who was playing in the area where her dad was mowing and he couldn't see her.

Working with heavy equipment is a huge responsibility and I once didn't take the necessary precautions -- thinking I'd quickly mow my lawn before it rained -- and nearly got my foot caught in the blade when my sandal was pulled under the mower and devoured.  I have never forgotten how close of a call that was and how ignorant it was of me to 'quick' run out there without the proper footwear. 

This is different.  No parent would ever put his or her child in harms way, and if you know the family of this precious child ... please reach out to them.  I can only imagine how they're grieving today.  I am in prayer.

Click here for the full story from WZZM with a police account of last night's accident.  Here is an updated report from mlive.com.