Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a new Dad who has learned a lot of things over the last several months and I want to pass along some knowledge to you!

Each week I will be giving you some new tips for first-time parents and one spectacular Dad joke!  So let's get to the tips!

  1. Today’s first daddy tip has to do with flying with your little one.  Charlotte is going on her very first plane ride this afternoon when the Bohner family heads down to Washington DC for Thanksgiving.  We had a lot of questions about that flight, so let me rattle off what we learned. First, if your baby has ear tubes, it’s OK to fly.  Second, you can bring your stroller and car seat with you free of charge and it doesn’t count as a carry-on or checked luggage. And third, you are allowed to bring baby food and formula on to the plane with you.  So there you have, that is what we learned about our upcoming flight. But I’ll still recommend calling your airline before your flight just to make sure.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is about runny noses and teddy bears.  Now, you might be asking, what do snot and stuffed animals have to do with each other.  Well, if you are a parent of a little one during the winter, you know that your little baby will have runny noses quite often.  And you know that they’ll be getting that snot everywhere. That’s where the teddy bear comes in. Forget having to have tissue everywhere in your house, just have a stuffed animal in each room for when your baby’s nose starts to run.  Just hand him or her the teddy and when they hug it, they’ll wipe their little nose in the process! Sure, you gotta clean the bears at the end of the night, but it’s better than picking up a million tissues!
  3. The final Daddy Tip of the week is to get your cameras ready for Thanksgiving dinner!  Your little one will be blown away by the spread and all the different foods they get to try.  I know I’ll be filming Charlotte eating her Thanksgiving feast! Double fisting mashed potatoes, shoveling in green bean casserole and trying REAL turkey for the first time!  Oh and the pies, can’t forget about all of the pies! Oh man, I think I’m more excited than she is! Or maybe not…

And now it’s time for an Awesome Thanksgiving Dad Joke!

Q: Where do you find a turkey with no legs?
A: Exactly where you left him!

You can listen to the entire segment below: