Headaches may turn to migraines for travelers this weekend when both I-196 and U.S. 131 close at the same time!

Usually a bunch of you pile into your cars and head north or west to beach and/or cottage destinations.   All I have to say is that you better lock your radio on Channel 957 and crank Grand Rapids' Best Mix all the while leaving before 10 tonight.  Also, plan on driving home or to work on Monday instead of Sunday night! 

You can thank me later and here's why... starting at 10 tonight, both the Ford Freeway at Fuller and 131 at Burton will close in both directions -- with the exception of the NB lanes of 131 closing two hours later for lakeshore bound drivers -- at midnight.

Click here to see a map of both closures and an explanation as to why both highways are closing at the same time!  I suppose it's better to do everything at once so as not to drag the construction season out further than M-DOT absolutely has to??  I'm just thankful for the work that is being done to make our roads smoother and safer.

Make sure you're prepared for the back-ups and try to have a good attitude about it ... afterall, you have Channel 957 to listen to while you wait!  Not a bad plan.