I think just about anybody can find a reason to love Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.  One of my favorites is the outdoor summer concert series.  I also love going with the kids.  They would list the outdoor play area among their favorites.  You'll notice a common theme here, "outdoors".  That's where Frederik Meijer Gardens is at its best and we are not the only ones noticing.

Today, USA Today named Meijer Gardens as one of the top ten places in the nation "to see art enhance nature".

Rebecca Reynolds is a sculpture expert and is the curator of a collection in Boston.  She listed ten great places to see art enhance nature for the USA Today.  When talking about Meijer Gardens she said:

This 130-acre garden blends nature and sculpture, with garden trails weaving through the property. "There's an element of discovery or drama when you're walking through a space and you encounter a work of art," Reynolds says. New to the park this year, and already much loved by visitors, is Roxy Paine's Neuron, an abstract structure resembling a giant nerve cell, made from steel rods and industrial pipes.

Congrats to Meijer Gardens on getting some positive national attention.