OUTRAGE came over the internet yesterday. Game of Thrones really threw a curve ball at all of us!

SPOILERS ABOUND: Do NOT read ahead if you've not been able to watch the episode from Sunday June 2nd!


Game of Thrones writers really must hate all of us, right? They killed off a MASSIVE amount of beloved characters. Well, perhaps not massive. However, killing off 3 main characters who are actually liked by most viewers seems like a pretty bold move, right?


Well, you can blame the writing if you want. However, don't blame the writers at HBO. It's actually George R.R Martin that you'll want to be sending your angry letters to. HBO has been doing it's very best to keep with the writing of this iconic author.

So, the slaying of Rob and Catelyn Stark wasn't really a hate crime against watchers.

However, HBO did play up the drama by placing Rob's wife Talisa into the action as well.

Author Martin was actually excited about the emotional out pour from fans. He said that he wants people to see friends in his writing. So, those that are grieving these losses are actually a win for him.

Here's a recap of the episode:




Which spawned this...which we're still laughing at: