Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a new Dad who has learned a lot of things over the last several months and I want to pass along some knowledge to you!

Each week I will be giving you some new tips for first-time parents and one spectacular Dad joke!  So let's get to the tips!

  1. Take your baby out as much as you can so you all can get used to going out. I’ve kinda had a few versions of this tip over the last year, but I think it is really important! I’ve met a few other kids that are about Charlotte’s age who rarely leave home and they are very timid and scared easily. Charlotte, on the other hand, is reaching for you to hold her and wanting to say hi to everyone she meets. And probably ask them if they have any extra mashed taters too. She loves those things. So if you want a gregarious little one, like Charlotte, be sure to take them out with you as much as possible!
  2. The next Daddy Tip is kinda self-explanatory, but I’m giving it to you anyway! Find something your baby really enjoys and keep doing it! Charlotte loves a few of her books way more than her others so we are sure to read those to her often and there are a few toys that she screams with joy when she sees. So, we like to have those ready when she’s fussy and often times it can really cheer her up! And that leads us to the next daddy tip!
  3. Get books that are fun to read and/or sing because not only is the book for your baby, but it’s also for you! Let me read a few passages from one of my favorite books for Charlotte.

    Stomp your feet
    Clap your hands
    Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!
    Bow to the horse
    Bow to the cow
    Twirl with the pig if you know how
    Bounce with the bunny.
    Strut with the duck.
    Spin with the chickens now-CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK

    OK, so that book is called Barnyard Dance and it’s more of a song than a book, but Britt, Charlotte and I love it because Britt and I each take turns singing it to Charlotte and she just laughs and claps along!

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad joke!

Q: What did the buffalo say to his kid when he went away to college?
A: Bison

You can listen to the entire segment below: