has posted a list of the 14 places in Michigan you should visit for a meal in 2017. The locations span pretty much the entire state, from Sault Ste. Marie, to Lansing, to Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Glen Arbor, and of course, our very own Grand Rapids!

Some of the meals look really good, and they're definitely going on my list of places to visit.

But what's great is that Brewery Vivant, right here in GR is one of the best places to visit, not only for a great beer, but for a fantastic meal!


A refurbished funeral home, the place looks like somewhere monks would live and brew amazing beer. They might not be monks, but they do brew amazing beer, and they also have a great menu, where you can get Poutine, a good burger, a Ginger Liege Waffle, or even a Goat Pot Pie!

If you're here in GR and you haven't made it to Brewery Vivant, make an evening of it, and grab some dinner and beers with friend or family. Then you can think about visiting some of the other places on their list.

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