Magnet fishing is a huge new hobby. You stick a magnet in the water and see what you pull up. Like an old revolver.

It seems like more and more people are magnet fishing along the Grand River these days, and it seems that old man river is chock full of metal crap from the old days, some of which is pretty darn interesting.

The guy (and girl, who is alluded to but never shown) from the You Tube Channel "Toothless Outdoors" (now there's a name!) recently sunk their magnets into the Grand and came up with a old time police revolver.

Here the couple go fishing with what the host (who seems to be only missing one tooth, so there's that) claims is the world's strongest magnet, the Magnetar Barbarian, along the Grand just south of the Sixth Street Bridge, and hauled in a bunch of stuff, including the gun.

And dude is REALLY excited that he found it. I mean REALLY EXCITED!

You have to wonder what the back story is on how the police revolver wound up in the river. Did someone steal it and toss it in to destroy evidence of a crime? Did an officer toss it in to symbolize the end of his career? The story behind the finds will never be known, and in a way that's kind of sad.

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