We have snow on the ground and temperatures are hovering below the freezing mark. I don't know about you, but I'm really starting to miss summer. I'm also missing the opportunity to head to Grand Haven for a Pronto Pup. But, I have some good news -- Pronto Pup will soon be opening for one weekend for you to take care of that craving and get a nice warm Pronto Pup!

According to the Pronto Pup Facebook page, they will be open the weekend of January 14-16, 2022!

The lines are usually quite long. Apparently I'm not the only one that needs a fresh Pronto Pup in the dead of winter. If you decide to head to Grand Haven that weekend, dress accordingly. There is no indoor area to order your food, and in the past, the line has extended for a few blocks down the street. I'm guessing people will also still be "social distancing", so that spaces out the line even longer.

Their Facebook page lists the price for a Pronto Pups at $1.75 each (tax included). Fountain drinks (Coke products) are 50 cents for a small, $1 for a large. They also include the following disclaimer: "Pronto Pups DO contain gluten, dairy, and eggs. Nut allergy safe. Hot dogs contain sodium nitrite."

Pup Loves Pronto Pup
Even my little friend Grayson likes a bite of a Pronto Pup! (Photo: Scott Winters/Townsquare Media)

The Pronto Pup stand has been around since 1947. Pronto Pup still uses the same recipes created 75 years ago. The current owners are Nancy and Carl Nelson. Carl Nelson's father was the original owner.

How much do we love our Pronto Pups? On a busy day in the summer, the stand will sell about 1,500 pups.

Pronto Pup is located at 313 S. Harbor Drive in Grand Haven.


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