Grand Rapids Public Schools are set to begin classes on August 24 and the district is updating families on its CoVid recommendations. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released new guidance heading into the school year.


The district is encouraging vaccines but also strongly recommending that all students and employees wear masks indoor, regardless of vaccine status.

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Face coverings will not be required for outdoor activities. However, they are still required on school buses by federal mandate.

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Regarding ventilation, GRPS spokesperson, John Helmholdt told Fox 17,

"We will continue to implement all the mitigated the other mitigation measures from ventilation, which we had portable ventilation units installed in the areas after we did an independent study with ventilation."

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The Grand Rapids Public Schools will follow guidance from the Michigan High School Athletic Association when it comes to sports. Helmholdt added,

"Our hope is to get back to normal and they're really focusing on the academic, social, emotional, mental supports our students need that social interaction that the kids are yearning for."


GRPS says it will continue to monitor the data and work closely with the Kent County Health Department to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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To date, classes will be fully in person this fall. Officials say they don't have the flexibility like they did before for virtual or hybrid learning.


Some parents responded to the news by stating that if masking becomes a mandate, they'll opt for homeschooling.

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