We can all agree: people that steal things really suck.

Car thief, car theft

But it's even worse when a thief decides to take something that greatly benefits the community and those who are able to use the item. And that's exactly what happened recently with a mobile bus that is used to help those who can't get out often.

The Relaxation Station bus was debuted in 2021-2022 as a way to get some much needed good vibes and light therapy to those who aren't able to get around easily.

And since it's launch, it's traveled all over West Michigan spreading joy and a little relaxation to people. But, it's off duty for the time being because of a jerk of a human.

Yes, you read that right: the Relaxation Station is stressing us out, because it's gone AWOL thanks to a real jerk.

Car thefts have been on the rise in Grand Rapids and the surrounding area for over a year, but usually you just hear of people stealing Kias, Hyundais and other smaller cars. We never imagined that someone would take something like this that is so obvious, and so obviously used to help others.


At this time, it appears there are no real leads on where it could be but the owners of the bus are asking us all to keep an eye out of for it. And of course if you see it rolling around town, give GRPD a call so they can step in and help it find it's way home.

Shame on this thief, and here's hoping they step on legos every morning until it returns to it's rightful owners (hopefully) in one piece.

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