As most of us wake up from the worst killing rampage in Grand Rapids history, many areas are still crime scenes for this mornings commute.   Seven people including two children were fatally shot yesterday before the suspect, Rodrick Dantzler, took his own life.

Early yesterday afternoon, Dantzler murdered 4 people in one NE Grand Rapids home and then killed 3 more people in another nearby home.  He was then spotted downtown after he shot another motorist, then exchanged gunfire with GRPD officers,  shooting out one cruiser’s windshield at the intersection of Division and Fulton.

One motorist was shot in the arm while in their vehicle during that downtown shoot out.  Dantzler then led law enforcement from many agencies on a high speed chase, traveling the wrong way at times, involving two freeways.

The chase ended when the SUV Dantzler was driving went down an embankment, he then fled on foot to a nearby home where he kicked in a family’s door and held three people hostage.  Dantzler released one hostage during the evening long stand-off, ending the dramatic day with a self inflicted gun shot which killed him as the remaining two hostages ran from the home at around 11:40pm.

After all was said and done, nine people were shot and  seven died, including two children.

A candle light vigil is planned for the families of the victims at the Gerald R. Ford Museum tonight beginning at 8:30pm.

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