With snow predicted around West Michigan, the warning Grand Traverse 911 dispatchers posted on Facebook before their significant snowstorm Thursday night is a good reminder for upcoming snowy Monday.

They creatively remade the theme to 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire' telling a story of how "people start crashing when snow fills the air".

Actually, I'm impressed because they redid lyrics for the entire theme song and did a really good job.  I used to try to make parody songs and well, I sucked, so kudos to the Grand Traverse 911 dispatchers.

To all of us, take this story from Grand Traverse 911 and learn from it, as the National Weather Service says by Tuesday afternoon we might have 5-7 inches of snow in places around West Michigan and record-breaking cold.

This is a story all about how some cars got flipped turned upside down. We'd like to take a minute just sit right there, because people start crashing when the snow fills the air.

In Grand Traverse County, born and raised, in the snow belt is where we spent most of our days. Shivering', freezin', being all cool--shoveling the snow just before school. When a couple of cars, they were up to no good, started speeding fast thru my neighborhood. They got into one little spin, and the drivers got scared, the next thing you know they're flying thru mid-air.

911 lines started ringing and the witnesses were clear, they were going too fast, and the tires were bare. We'd like to say this crash was rare, but we thought naw, forget it, they're everywhere!!!

Cops pulled up to the crash not a moment too late, and said to dispatch "hey radio--send a wrecker"

Said to my partner, winter's actually here!
We're ready on the phones, but please drive with care.



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