Dating advice can come in all shapes and sizes, just like the person you date. So, let's hear your family's dating advice.

What great advice did you get from your parents (or even Grandparents) on dating?

  • I’m paraphrasing my dad here: don’t be at his beck and call. He says he’s going out with the guys say “oh good I had plans tonight” (even if you don’t) your independence is attractive. What I took from that was “have your own STUFF and do your own STUFF. Don’t have your happiness depend on him.” It’s served me and my husband well
  • Once, when I was going out of town for the weekend with a few girlfriends - as I was walking out of the door - my mom said, “Don’t do anything that’s going to complicate your life.” For some reason, that has always stuck with me.
  • Make sure he always opens the car door for you. If he doesn't, stand outside the car until he does. And make sure he always comes to the front door to get you for a date. It shows respect and creates a clear picture of expectations.
  • As a teen, I was forbidden to date until “after college” and they never really talked about me getting married or having a family. They never seemed interested in that for me. The only other “advice” they gave me is “we don’t care what he does for a job or what kind of schooling he has or anything like that, as long as he loves the lord.” I was quick to point out that there are many important factors to consider when choosing a spouse. *crickets* Needless to say, I’m divorced. Never marrying again.
  • Absolutely nothing Not One Word. LoL
  • Go slow it’s alright to take your time and really get to know him
  • My aunt thought my 15 year old sister was "too into boys" and got her the book "he's just not that into you"
  • My mom always said, "don't date anyone you wouldn't consider marrying."
  • Live together before you get married!!!
  • None, maybe that’s why Iam divorced? Hmmmmm
  • Never date anyone you would be embarrassed to bring home
  • No dating until you are 16.
  • Never go to bed angry
  • None. I was on my own.
  • Don't do it.
  • None
  • My grandmother had the smartest advice for dating when I was a teen: if your date picks you up, always keep $5 on you in case you have to call a cab. She went so far as to give many of us grandkids $5 when we started dating. She's in her 80s now and has many great grandchildren. And a cab can't be called for $5, but it's still good advice. Always have a way home.
  • Text Question of the Day: all my mom said was pls dont be gay... Im a les
  • Make time for your friends... boyfriends will come and go, but your friends will always be there, and deserve your time
  • “If he makes you cry, he’s not worth crying over.” -My mom
  • Best dating advise I received was from my grandmother. She told me if I want to know how a man will treat me, watch how he treats his mother. It is so true. I've dated men that were momma's boys and they wanted me to wait on them hand and foot and baby them. I've dated men that were rude and not so nice to their mom's and that's the treatment I received. I used her advice and am blessed with my husband. He always treated his mother with love and respect and that's how he has always treated me.
  • Once you get married feed him steak and potatoes until he can't take his ring off
  • I always told my son “wrap it before you tap it “.
  • Safe sex always. They may not last, but herpes does (From my mama)
  • My grandma said make sure he wears a condominium
  • My grandma always told me that the best way to get over a man was to get under one
  • Advice for marriage.. Grandmother said i know you cant cook so if you burn his supper, serve it by candlelight and wear a pretty nightie. He will choke it down. Grandpa nodded,laughed, and replied with "Yep,he sure will."
  • I got 2 from my grandma. 1: have 2 tv's so you can each watch your own shows. 2: love him all the time. Even when he makes you so angry that when you need to love him more than you want to hate him.
  • TQOTD: knees together and feet on the floor lol
  • My dad said there are only 2 men that will truly love you. God and Me.
  • My dad always said, "You know what's better than a boyfriend?... 7."

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