Does the stay at home order have anyone else craving some new meals?  If you answered yes, then you are like me and getting tired of those same old recipes now that cooking is pretty much one of the only things to do while you are on lock down.  Well, we hit up the Click of Six and asked you guys to share some of your favorite recipes so that we can get a little variety in our menus!

Let's kick off the list of submitted recipes with a list of links that members of Click of Six posted on the Connie and Fish Facebook page.

Links to recommended recipes

Next, let's look at the recipes that were submitted by people in the form a picture.  We got a couple of those, and both of them are cabbage based recipes.  Crazy!

Cabbage Roll Soup

Recipe from Carol Ford

Polish Sausage Cabbage Soup

Recipe from Kathy Bellmer

And then finally, here are our recipes that we talk about on the show.

Connie and Steve's recipes

Or you can check out our "Connie and Fish Recipe Book" we put together a couple years ago that has a bunch of recipes from over the years.  You can also check out the original Facebook post about the recipes below if you wanted to ask any questions or submit your own recipes.