Connie and Curtis' producer, Steve, is obsessed with Michigan (the state, not the school... GO GREEN!) He has only lived in this wonderful state and he has come accustomed to eating a lot of Michigan made food products. Some of his favorites are Faygo, Better Made BBQ Chips, and Kar's Trail Mix.

Mondays are usually grocery shopping days for Steve and he wants to try something different this time around - he wants to head off to Meijer and purchase ONLY Michigan-made products to eat for the week!

This is where you can help! Sure, Steve knows to get Faygo, Better Made, Kar's, Koegel's, Country Fresh, and Kellogg's. But, that's where he starts to run into problems... He needs to completely finish a trip to the grocery store with ONLY Michigan made products and he doesn't know of many Michigan brands.

What brands or items would you recommend he purchase?  Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below!