A commercial portraying a young Asian woman speaking broken English that's being run by U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra against Michigan incumbent Debbie Stabenow is bringing charges of racial insensitivity.

You may have seen the ad aired last night during the Super Bowl.

The backlash started almost immediately, as many people took to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to voice their displeasure with the Senate hopeful. Soon after the ad aired, the YouTube video comments section for the ad was deactivated, as was the ability to give it a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". Check out the video after the jump!

Hoekstra's Facebook Page is laden with comments from people upset with the ad. Lisa Brown wrote, "I live in Michigan's 2nd district and you do NOT represent me!". John Burbage quipped, "Dude, that was something your mom should have taught you not to do."

There are some people piping in with support for Hoekstra, too. David Johnson wrote, "Didn't see anything racist about the commercial. As long as American jobs are going to China we should be doing everything in out power to stop it. Commercial was right on the money. Keep it up." While Steve Preston quipped, "Congressman,don't apologize!! Thank you!"

The Facebook page snapped back that those "trying to make this an issue of race demonstrates their total ignorance of job creation policies" did not get the point of the ad.