We asked our listeners to settle the great debate of whether homemade or canned cranberry sauce was better.  But, instead of actually settling the debate, it just solidified the fact that everyone has their own opinion!  Check out some of the texts we got about the subject below!

  • Why would I waste room in my stomach with cranberries when I could stuff my plump face with a second turkey
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce is awesome!!!
  • Yuck no way
  • I love cranberry sauce :) Homemade
  • Love canned jellied cranberries! I put it in fridge 1st. They are SO yummy cold!
  • I LOVE canned jellied cranberry sauce. If I could, I would eat half the can in one sitting!
  • Definitely homemade cranberry sauce! I made my grandmas every year for five years now and it’s so simple! One bag of cranberries fresh cranberries, one apple, one orange, half a cup of sugar. But through the food grinder and let sit overnight. Best cranberry relish ever!
  • Homemade is awesome if you have the right recipe and guy for daddy has a recipe for cranberry sauce with jalapeño in it and it's good on the turkey at Thanksgiving meal and delicious on turkey sandwiches just saying (Lol Guy Fieri)
  • I make homemade cranberry sauce every year because we love the smell through the house. We don't have a tradition turkey but all the traditional sides!
  • My favorite cranberries are the ones in the trash.
  • No cranberry sauce on my table. No ever eats it.
  • No like the cranberry sauce that comes out looking like the can and you cut it into perfect round circles . Yummy!! :)
  • Last year for the first time I made homemade, I’ll never do the canned again.
    Only canned at our house. My sister insists on cutting it in rings on the little lines the can leaves on it.
  • I hate cranberries. Try this cranberry dip recipe. It's awesome!! https://pin.it/iyt5fogfbvv2lk
  • Yes please! I'll take cranberry anyway I can get it!

What do you think?  Do you prefer the canned stuff, homemade, or none at all?  Vote in our poll!