So many fun answers today for the TQOTD. Everyone of them made me laugh and think about how embarrassed I would be if the situation happened to me. Steve started the day off with a story of having to take his daughter home during a festival as she screamed very loudly that she wanted to stay. Christine got a minor in possession at Home Coming when she was 17 and the school called her parents and I used to grab my STUFF all the time when I was a kid (till about 5 years old) and my parents nicknamed me “Ding Dong”.

How did you embarrass your parents or how did your child embarrass you?

  • I embarrass my mom by just talking
  • My daughter, then 3 yrs old, told a lady her mustache was bigger than her dad's and a 2nd time a lady wearing a black and white dress was hogging the aisle and she yelled 'Move Free Willy' at her while in the grocery store. Both times I just wanted to blend in with the food and shelves.
  • My daughter who was 3 and potty training at the time, saw a teenager in a restaurant whose pants were very saggy. She stood up and yelled, "I know how to pull up my pants like a big girl! I can show you how!" Everyone in the restaurant laughed after the teen walked out. It was hilarious!!
  • I think I was around 7 or so. Just before we walked into the grocery store, I saw a bumper sticker that said “honk if you’re horny” I thought that was the funniest thing, I had no clue what it meant. I asked my mother if she saw the bumper sticker and said it out loud in the store. My mother was so embarrassed. She said not to say that and well…of course I repeated it a couple times. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t think it was funny!
  • My daughter when she was 2 didn’t want to go into Sam’s Club to get groceries. I stuck her in the cart anyway and as soon as I started pushing the cart down the aisles she’s holding her leg (through the leg holes) and screaming “you broke my leg! You broke my leg!” ‍♀️ The old guy following me bust out laughing.
  • Many years ago I was trying on clothes in a dressing room with my 5 year old daughter and very loudly she says “you got the big ones and I got the little ones”! Everyone started laughing, but no one as hard as the guy sitting by the door waiting for his wife
  • My son when he was 5 had won Danish Festival Prince. The day of the pageant he got his hair cut at the barber. So half the town was there and when they announced his name that he was the winner they asked him if he would like to say anything to the audience and he was scratching his head and said “Um yeah I think I have bugs in my hair” (mind you, he had just seen the barber) the whole audience was roaring and I felt my whole body go red, I was mortified. He is now 27 and we still laugh about this.
  • My parents dropped me off for kindergarten roundup…I had so much separation anxiety I threw up in the classroom. The teacher told my parents to try again next year that I clearly wasn’t kindergarten material, yet.
  • Leaving a visitation I was with my son and he looked at the lady in front of us and he said she's got a big butt! Really loud.
  • My then preschooler had drug awareness week at school. She thought smoking cigarettes was the same as doing drugs. She told her class that her mom did drugs. SO embarrassing.
  • When my older sister's teacher stopped by our house, I looked at her and proclaimed, "You've got the biggest boobs ever!"
  • Picking my son's phone up from the Principal that was taken by the teacher. It was nothing as embarrassing as these others are.
  • One of my kid's medications is a controlled substance so we have to go over a drug screening questionnaire, so they asked him if he uses any drugs. He asks what they mean and she answers like heroin or methamphetamine. He says no my dad does though. We both look at him and go what. He says the meth-o-tine. It's in cigarettes. I then explained that nicotine. Still a drug but not the same kind. He replies oh good. Glad dad doesn't do the hard stuff
  • One time we were at a restaurant and a little person walked in. My daughter, who was about 4 years old at the time, asked (loudly for all to hear, of course), "MOM, IS THAT A KID OR AN ADULT?" I was completely mortified, and I apologized profusely.
  • When I was in 3rd grade we were moving around the holidays and I told the teacher we didn’t have any food at home. My teacher called my mom and invited us over for dinner. I also reinforced it by writing it in an assignment we had about what we were doing for the holidays. My parents were mortified and had to explain that we were moving. I am sure my kids will do something to me and this will be full circle.
  • My kids and I always do the “I love you. I love you more. Well, I love you most …” One day I said, “Yeah, well I love you INFINITY!!” My daughter asked me what that meant and I explained. A few days later, we were in Meijer and she started that game. I got to “I love you most” and she says, what felt like was on volume 10,000, “I love you … what was that “f” word you always say to me again??”
  • If you ask my 13 yr old daughter, me breathing or just being around does it.
  • My favorite was something my sister did when she was 3. We were in church and she was mad she couldn't run up and down the aisle. My mom was holding her in her lap. My sister says loudly "I don't like you. I don't like your face. I don't like your nose." The little old ladies sitting nearby thought it was hilarious.
  • My daughter was almost 3 and she was standing up in the back of the grocery cart. The isles were quite narrow, and as we were going down the aisle, a rather large woman was standing in the middle looking at things. I waited and acted like I was looking at things and then stood there waiting. My daughter shouts Move!. The lady gave me a growl. I wanted to slither away....
  • I pulled the fire alarm at my kindergarten open house. There was no fire. I just read PULL, so I did.
  • not so much my parents, but my grandpa. He worked back & forth in california & michigan. one time when he came home from california i was wearing a onesie with bunnies on it & another time i wore “the grinch” boxer shorts to meet him at the door to the airport (both times)
  • I think the most embarrassing thing we ever did to my mom was we were in a little mini mall parking lot. Mom went to the grocery store and my BF got into the trunk of my car (I was probably 16 at the time). When my mom opened the trunk to put her groceries in it my BF popped out screaming “I never thought you were going to let me out of there. I have been in there for days!” My mom is a pretty modest person and she was telling my BF to shut up and said we were going to get her arrested
  • My dad handed my first boyfriend 2 dimes and told him that if he wanted to fool around with me, to call him first and ask for permission. I was mortified!
  • My brother and I embarrassed our mom one day, she had a meeting in some office building. They put us in an empty office room so they didn't get interrupted by us, and my mom said there is nothing they can get into here so they should be fine. Well my brother and I can always find a way to get into something. The only thing in the office besides two chairs was a printer, one of those huge stand alone printers. I don't remember exactly how it happened but somehow we found the printer toner. Needless to say, we were covered in toner and were brought to our mother by an employee who heard our ruckus. Let's just say she was not happy and totally embarrassed!
  • My brother met up with my mom for lunch one day mind you he's a grown adult. He ordered biscuits and gravy and when he got done eating he picked up the plate and licked it. My moms friend/ coworker was with them too.
  • I was 5 and asked a woman if she was pregnant. She says no and I respond with "you should be bc you look like it"
  • Okay what I'm about to share I swear on my daughter's life I have NEVER done what she said and to this day I have no idea why she said it. My oldest sister, my daughter (5 at the time), & I went grocery shopping. We were at the self checkout surrounded by a lot of people when my sweet babygirl in her loudest voice started asking questions. "Mama you & auntie Tammy are sister's right?!" "Yes baby we are" My daughter " Then why are you always kissing?!" Yea.... I wanted a hole to swallow me up!
  • My boys told the neighbor lady I tied them to the bed! We hadn’t lived there very long….One of them told his teacher his dad drank and drank till he couldn’t drink any more.. neglecting to mention it was sweet tea
  • When my son was 3 1/2 my husband and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner. It was fairly busy and pretty quiet there. In the middle of eating my son decided to stand up on the bench and yell out “hey everybody” and proceeded to belch the loudest belch a 3 1/3 year old can let out. He is now 22 and still hears about that story
  • I was in line at Walgreens drugstore getting some Pepto-Bismol, after about with the flu and my daughter turned around and told everybody in line my mama's got the diarrheas! Couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
  • When I was 4 I brought my mom's toy rocket for show And tell. The teacher took it and brought it to the office and mom had to pick it up lol

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