Connie had to go to her parent's house over the weekend to clean it out and get it ready for its new owners. She really didn't want to do it, but put on her game face and psyched herself up to do it.

How do you psych yourself up when you have to do something you don’t want to do???

  • I make a list for the day and then when I see everything is crossed off, it’s rewarding.
  • I don’t. I take a big deep breath, get up and let muscle memory take over.
  • I give myself some kind of reward (usually an iced coffee) and just keep telling myself you can do this
  • The sooner i can get it done n over the better...then i don't have to deal with it any more lol
  • I tell myself to just be disciplined and do it, that I will be happy once it’s done, and then I praise myself for pushing through and completing it.
  • I find something to have as a reward. For example: folding the laundry equals a decrease in anxiety. Or once I clean something I have the entire rest of the time to relax. I also use treats. I'm basically a dog or a child.
  • I whine......a lot.....Really, a lot....Like throw my head back and sigh really loud.
  • I forget about it completely, until the day of I dont flake out from anxiety
  • I literally huffand lay about pouting like the renaissance painting of the dramatic girl until I have to do the thing.
  • Inever found anything to help yet.
  • Get it done - so you can do something you REALLY want to do.
  • Being the only female in my home right now, its do it yourself because it wont do it on its own.
  • Tell myself, well-nobody else is going to do it
  • Booze after the task usually works!
  • Drink lots of coffee and then say lets do this
  • Procrastinate!
  • Liquor
  • Xanax
  • TQOTD-How do I psych myself up to do something I don't want to? I psych myself up by psyching myself up for something else and do what I don't want to do in the process. A little reverse psychology on myself. Haha works every time!!!
  • ?of da day.... I just take a deep breath and I go headfirst into it. Tell myself" just do it and get it over with"
  • Stiff drink
  • TQOTD: I have three methods used separately or all together; - Blanking out and focusing on making myself do it - Finding something fun in what I have to do (ex. Looking for cool rocks if it's during yardwork) - Telling myself I can have a reward afterwards
  • I wait until the last minute when I have no choice anymore.
  • Do something good after
  • If someone is asking me to do something, I ask questions until I am comfortable. If I made the decision to do something, I think of solutions of what could go wrong, the thing I am most worried about, and try to justify it isn't as bad as I thought.
  • Pretend I'm a responsible adult
  • “If I do it now it’ll be done and over”
  • Think about Morgan Freeman voice over narrating what I have to do so that I make myself want to

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