Supposedly, the longer that you live with someone, the more you start to act like them. We wanted to put that to the test with our Text Question of the Day.

How has your spouse (or sig other) tried to turn you into them?

  • My husband has pushed me to play tabletop games with him and he has TRIED to make me eat the weird combination of foods he grew up eating (cottage cheese mixed with applesauce - I hate both)
  • I've changed for the better I think...I used to be very lazy, left dishes for days, let laundry pile up. This made him mad, so I started doing I to make him happy....and now I do it because it makes me happy.
  • He is still trying and will try until I die, to make me love scary movies. I HATE them. He always rents movies and says "I think you'll like this one" I don't even need to know what movie it is, to know that he's full of crap. When he gets a movie I've been wanting to see, he says that he got one for me. He's very predictable 😂 but he thinks he's mysterious!😂😂
  • My hubby has not tried anything, he loves me for the way that I am! ❤️
  • My hubby knows better than to even try to change me. He likes my spunky Norwegian smart ass just the way it is.
  • He hasn't tried to make me like him. But he has been trying to get me to better my life
  • I have recently become a Superman, Star Wars, and a UofM fan 😂😂😂
  • She keeps trying to convince me to grow my hair out but trust me it hasn’t worked!
  • He hasn't tried BUT from the moment I met him, it came out that he absolutely hates mint and gum. Been with the man since 09. And I almost never eat a mint or chew gum. Just something I learned to avoid cuz the drama when I did wasn't worth it lol. I chew gum and eat minty things when he's not around 😆
  • My panther has tried to Turn into him because he is trying to change my style and getting my hair because I have started my transition from female to male.
  • TQOTD. My husband tried to turn me into his comic book, video gaming, weed-smoking, sci-fi watching, Star Wars loving self lol No it's not Steve hahaha I am a nice wife and participate in a few.
  • My husband is trying to turn me into a jeeping off-roading lover.
  • I have tried to get my fiancé to go fishing with me more. Fishing to me is very relaxing and a great way for me to de-stress. She could use the help with de-stressing. More importantly, I want to share my experiences and happiness from fishing with her! She does join me fishing, but she doesn’t come with me as much as I do
  • #TQOTD I ended up golfing and watching hockey. There is no being with Dave if you don't do these two things.
  • My partner is trying to make me more like him because he's always late.. as a result, it was making me late... I started driving separately!
  • The one thing my husband wants me to do like him is snowmobiling. I'm not the biggest cold-weather person but has been asking me to do this before we were married.
  • She has me holding hands all the time. Doesn't matter if it's at home or when we're walking around, it's constant. Can't decide if it's annoying or cute though.
  • He got me to talk in mock arguments all the time. "What do you want for lunch?"... "What is it with you and lunch! We had lunch yesterday. How much lunch does one woman need?"... "Chinese?"... "Sure." We get weird looks in stores.
  • My husband got me to start waking up 45 minutes early each morning so we could spend more time together. At first, I hated losing that sleep, but now that I'm used to it, I actually am starting to turn into a morning person.
  • Husband tried so hard to get me into Game of Thrones and the Marvel Movies. But I'm like Connie... that stuff is just dumb.
  • My husband constantly tries to project ice fishing onto me, always wants me to get on the ice, I have refused multiple times. Falling through the ice into cold water is one of my biggest fears, but try as he might he’s still persistent about getting me on the ice. He even went as far as freezing a pair of my shoes in a giant ice cube in the freezer, in order to and I quote “teach me the basics of the ice” I love him but bless his heart
  • My husband loves pickles. They are his favorite food in the world. I hate pickles, but he is constantly trying to get me to like them by adding them to things he cooks (burgers and hotdogs mainly) and giving me a pickle on the side when I have a sandwich. Get over it, I don't like your dumb pickles!
  • My wife is constantly trying to get me to shower more. You guys told me showering every day is bad. Can you repeat that so she gets off my case?
  • My Spouse wants me to cut my mullet off. It’s making a comeback this year!

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