Save, Save, Save! (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Times have been tough for awhile .. I should know after standing in the unemployment line a time or two!

Here's a super  helpful list from of things you can do until your situation turns around!
  • Trust Your Own Ability To Make Money -- Even when things are sputtering there are always thousands of opportunities to generate cash. You just have to get creative and take action.
  • You're Not Better Than Any Job -- When it's a tough economy, it's not a good time to have too much pride. Taking a job that's "beneath you" will just be temporary -- and it may lead you to greater things.
  • You Can Live Without Certain Things -- Do you really need all those phones? Do you really need to watch premium movie channels? If you don't need something, get it out of your life.
  • Be Thankful For What You Have -- Most people in a bad financial situation focus on what they've lost. Try, instead, to focus on what you have. It will make you feel better and make you more effective as you try to turn things around.

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