Finally, a fall flavor that's not Pumpkin Spice!

Yeah, that's right, I'm a PS hater. Pumpkin anything is gross to me - yes, even pumpkin pie. So I love it when companies offer alternative fall flavors, like West Michigan's Hudsonville Ice Cream!

Their new fall flavor is Cinnamon Sugar Cookie. It's brown sugar ice cream with pieces of cinnamon sugar shortbread cookies and a rich caramel ribbon - yum!

According to Grand Rapids Business Journal, the new flavor is in some stores now and should be more widely available toward the end of the month.

But if you want to try it and you see it for sale, you should probably grab it up, because as with all Hudsonville limited-edition flavors, it's only available until it runs out.

Rachel Messingschlager, marketing director for Hudsonville Ice Cream, tells GRBJ,

Our limited-edition lineup allows us to test new ice cream combinations and share fresh, seasonal flavors. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie is our latest creation that combines crunchy cinnamon cookie pieces with other cozy fall flavors like brown sugar and caramel. Even though the weather is getting cooler, ice cream is delicious year-round, and the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie flavor is perfect for pairing with holiday desserts or just enjoying on its own.

I guess you could even enjoy it with a slice of pumpkin pie.... if you're into that sort of thing...

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