As if 2020 needed anything else WZZM reports that at some point this weekend an asteroid “the size of a stadium” is supposed to pass by earth.

Now not to fear, it’s not an imminent threat to our way of life, although the way we have seen 2020 play out so far, would you be surprised if that changed?

Ok, the real deal about it.  The asteroid is called “2002 NN4” I know, a real thoughtful name right, lol.  But 2002 NN4 is said to be 1,870 feet in diameter which make that over a mile wide and is expected to pass by earth at a safe 3 million miles away, which WZZM did the math and says that means it's 13 times the distance of the Earth to the moon, so it’s definitely a safe distance away. 

They do also say you may see smaller asteroids pass by earth this week too, so maybe some “shooting stars” to wish upon.  I think we could use some magic help.

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