An overnight processing problem has led to some Huntington Bank customers seeing little to no money in their accounts on Wednesday.

The problem seems to be from charges being posted twice to checking accounts. For example, I bank with Huntington and noticed my car insurance, which I paid using online debit, posted twice on my account Wednesday morning (among other transactions that posted over the weekend). Luckily I had enough in my account to cover the full amount, but some people weren't so lucky, reporting their accounts were overdrawn, and overdraft charges were posted.

Huntington jumped on the issue first thing Wednesday morning with this statement on Facebook:

NOTICE: All debit/ATM card transactions were inadvertently double-posted to accounts Tuesday evening, Oct. 20. These transactions were from account activity processed on Monday, Oct. 19. (There is no weekend processing, so purchases made previously may be included.) This will affect account balances in the short term, but balances will be corrected today and any fees related to this error will be waived.

I can happily report that, as of Wednesday afternoon, all over-charges have been reversed on my account.

Some customers are also having issues with debit cards working. I haven't experienced this, but keep your eye on Huntington's Facebook page for further updates.

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