I think we all like to clean out our heads sometimes and a good scream or yell can help us. So hopefully we helped some of you out or if you are reading these you can identify with other members of the click of 6 people that listen to the show with today’s #TQOTD.

I need to vent right now because...

  • Been down with a migraine since Saturday, nausea and pain still present and I have to work my second day at a new job tomorrow .
  • My husband of 22 years is a good man. But MAJORLY lacks loving me, holding hands says sweet things, etc. I don't feel special anymore. He used to be romantic and loving. It's been years now that I literally felt lonely makes me sad inside.
  • I keep spending all I have for $ on lemons! (Pos cars!)
  • I need to vent right now because though I had an amazing Mothers Day, I've realized that your children will be the ones to break your heart more than ANYONE you will ever come in contact with. You love them so much and when they say and do things that you would never think they would say or do it breaks your heart so bad!!! However, when they are grown I've come to realize I cannot occupy all of their time like I would like to. Needless to say I hugged my parents so tight this weekend and apologized for any hurt I caused them. Whooo it was an emotional weekend lol.
  • Because I'm in horrible pain 24/7 and it's getting to me!
  • It's mother's day. And not everybody has a great mom
  • Being at a job that I love but just not some of the people I work with.
  • Being laid up for 3 months from a broken ankle slipping on ice this winter.
  • Mother's day will never be quite the same. We lost my Grandma and my Mom in 2020.
  • I'm sick of radiation! (The side effects of it)
  • People are stupid.
  • Kids
  • I keep dying in Warzone…
  • It's mother's day and mine abandoned me on my 8th birthday. Then proceeded to have 2 replacement kids…
  • I didn’t have that great of a Mother’s Day my husband had to work but he didn’t even get me a card from our daughter (she’s 2) or even a cup of coffee this morning. He did wish me a happy Mother’s Day. I guess I should be happy with that right?
  • I want to throw myself the biggest pity party, but no one would come. Sometimes ya just gotta have one.
  • I’m married!
  • I'm seeing WAY too many well done or burnt steaks for mothers day cookouts....

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