Today is another Flashback Friday! This one is from December 19th, 2019 and is all about throwing your spouse (or your ex) under the bus for Christmas.

If One Of Your Christmas Presents To Your Partner (OR ex if you are single) Had To Be Something That They Are Lacking, What Would You Be Giving Them?

  • TQOTD = a sex drive!
  • be humble.
  • A sweeter personality
  • A job to start out the new year with.
  • How do I pick just one...?? Hmmm probably have to be...being more aware of everything
  • Dignity
  • Normal life!!!!
  • A healed body He was pretty much smashed from the rib cage down at the age of 25.....the loss of one leg would have been a blessing in comparison to the pain he lives with on a daily basis from all the rest of the damage his body endured. He has the kindest most loving heart. He deserves a body that reflects his inner strength and love.
  • Sobriety for my ex! Life would have been great!
  • Free time. He literally is always busy providing for myself and the kids.
  • Two good knees...the arthritis is debilitating.
  • Me cause I'm single af and someone out there is missing out.
  • Stamina, 38 seconds was not enough!
  • An employer that appreciates him and knows his worth!
  • Self esteem and motivation
  • His hearing (literally he just lost partial hearing in an accident). On a lighter side, I would give him the gift to take care of laundry.
  • Communication. My husband is very stubborn and doesnt always like opening up about things and makes it difficult to discuss some pretty important things.
  • I would give my wife a new spine or even my spine. She deserves to live a happy life and not have to struggle daily with her disability.
  • The ability to save money
  • Patience. And empathy.
  • Patience and communicating
  • Morales. My Ex needs a healthy dose.
  • Understanding and flexibility
  • Time for himself. My husband is always busy working and doing things for our family.
  • Patience
  • The love of horror movies. That's my only complaint.
  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Sound sleep
  • A job with normal people.
  • Their life back he died in October.
  • Existence
  • Someone to blame lol
  • Text question of the day- what would I get my (ex) wife? A sex drive.....
  • I would give my partner the ability to butt out. When I am disciplining the children he cannot help himself butt to butt in which in turn either pisses the children off more or it makes it seem like they don't have to listen to me unless he says something to also back me up.
  • If I had to give my ex a Christmas gift, would give him a chastity belt so maybe he could keep it in his pants.
  • About 6 more inches.

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