Just imagine a Karen rolls into your workplace and has a complaint about you, what would she tell your manager?

If someone were to talk to your manager because you were “naughty” at work, what naughty thing were you probably doing?

  • Being on my phone??
  • Listening to Connie and fish
  • Back in the day it would have been smoking weed in my car on breaks at work. I'm an older & responsible mommy now who doesn't smoke anymore. No offense Steve! Do you! Lol!! I'm still supportive of weed!
  • I work for my mother in law, so lord knows if what was said was even something that happened at work it'd probably be something her son did, but I get blamed for it lmao
  • Well I flipped off my computer today because of the ridiculous emails I get from the same person over and over. But honestly my manager would probably back me up on that one. Lol
  • I’m my own manager and today I listened to your show while I worked. ‍♂️
  • Total potty mouth. One of these days I'm going to say something to the wrong person.
  • Happened just last month. Harrassment and bullying! There is more to the story but.. yup
  • Failing to tolerate stupidity and ignorance.
  • Failing to follow all the horrible make u not wanna come to work anymore covid rules
  • Failing to wear my mask at work...
  • Uhm I am not he Manager!
  • Thinking dirty thoughts
  • Talking sh*t about customers with my coworkers lol.
  • Playing on my phone
  • Swearing.
  • Napping
  • Cussing
  • Breathing
  • Mooning....
  • Bitching about stupid people lol
  • Sleeping
  • Cussing or being a perv. Yep I'm a girl perv.
  • Lol agreeing with Steve I have hit my dab pen in the back room at work because retail is stressful when it’s back to school/Black Friday just to get by, makes me giggle and smile my whole shift and shut down customers with kindness
  • I would be naughty for multiple reasons making dirty inappropriate comments saying what I think and drawing dirty inappropriate things we have a lot of fun at work what can I say
  • Calling them out on their B. S.
  • Of dah day.... making rude and Obnoxious gestures. Small penis jokes, big boob jokes, just downright talking dirty yes I am guilty of that with my coworkers.
  • #tqtd I take pops intended for company lunches and events from the company's fridge
  • If anyone is saying anything to my boss it is most definitely for swearing to much. I let it fly all the time and at work it garners ALOT of attention. It’s either that or my morning sesh with Steve that’ll be the death of me at work.
  • TQOTD. I can't believe I'm admitting this but adding a little something, something to my coffee.
  • If I got caught doing something naughty at work it would probably be drinking wine under my desk
  • If I'm being accused of being naughty at work it's because I'm sneaking time to get things done that aren't exactly work related. But hey, I'm a single mom with two kids, three pets and a house to take care of and s*** ain't gonna take care of itself. I do work through lunches and stay late quite often so I figure it evens out anyway
  • I would either be napping or drinking margaritas with my work bestie.
  • Probably because I was actively trying to seduce the maintenance guy
  • Listening and doing what fish said to do
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