The Oscars were this weekend and boy were they bad. So many movies weren’t out last year because of COVID. Is Hollywood looking for new ideas? Maybe we can help. So ready away EXECS and make sure to hook up a member of the Click of 6 with some cash if you use our life story

If there was a movie about your life, what would the title be? Why?

  • “The Indisputable Way Kathy Kept Her Marbles”—Re-edited...I don’t think this one needs an explanation...A documentary describing my last two years…
  • What the Hell is wrong with you! (A close look at a Marine in civilian life) comedy!
  • I Am Me or Overcoming Obstacles ,I can't be anyone else and overcome crappy childhood.
  • This Is Us (although it is a TV show and not a movie, parts of it I can totally relate to as we are raising triplets).
  • "House of Controlled Chaos" .... Or "Keeper of the Treats" Either works when you're raising puppies that grow up to become Service Dogs.
  • “A Tale of Three Cities”. I grew up in Waterford, went to college in Houghton, and lived my adult life in Holland. Great stories in my life from all three cities.
  • “I Have Survived and Overcome.” A Lifetime Movie Network film about abuse.
  • The Story of How Traci Lost Her Shizz.
  • Chaos & Confusion... because at 41 with a 13 & 5 year old boys I don’t know if I’m coming or going
  • "Always fishing working" a day in the life of a CNA
  • Lisa, the Lovely Lunatic
  • Murphy’s Law
  • Exhausted
  • The my oh my..and why oh why...good thing I did it before I died I didn't always think things through like I should've
  • Broke & Broker
  • A Struggle Ensued
  • The happy half brained female.
  • Not According to Plan
  • WTF
  • Children of the Quarn
  • Just Can't Win…
  • Gone with the wind. Lol
  • Again? Ok.
  • SHHH... IT HAPPENS: STORIES OF THE SEPTAGE HAULER. I am a portable restroom servicer.
  • Overcoming and finally finding real love
  • There, Their, They're. How to be successful without knowing which one to use. Documentary style. LOL
  • One BIG mess
  • Woes of a Step-parent
  • "Diary of a Fat, Tired, Achy Woman."
  • How to Gain Weight Without Really Trying.
  • Not Your Girlfriend...because I have guys that message me and think that I want to be their girlfriend just because they say that I am Cute and Adorable. Nope, Out!
  • “Wam bam Thank ya ma’am !” Been used and put to the curb ! But I'm ok with that. Lol

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