Christine is OBSESSED with video games right now. She has done like 47 Christineologies on them and talks about her Nintendo Switch off the air like it’s her boyfriend. So in an effort to help her flush it out of her system Steve and I thought that this TQOTD would wear her down … let’s see.

If you could be in any video game, which would it be? Why?

  • Animal Crossing
  • Overcooked 2
  • Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild... Quite possibly the most beautiful game I have ever played. And if I was in the game, I'd love to be a Rito if I wasn't a Sheikah.
  • Animal crossing, skyrim, warzone, minecraft, ark. Any of the above please. Or Conan Exiles.
  • Ms. Pac Man
  • Mario
  • Sonic would be cool
  • Mario kart!!! Because..... Mario Kart
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Days Gone ! ! !
  • World of Warcraft
  • Nascar 2004
  • I would definitely be in Flappy Bird; that game pissed a lot of kids off. . I get a thrill out of it being a teacher . I watched a kid throw his phone when he lost; it busted in like a million pieces
  • It would have to be god of war or tekken!
  • I thought about this forever. It was not a light decision.
  • Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age would be cool but I can’t live without modern plumbing! So then I am looking at Mass Effect & Cyberpunk. Leaning toward Cyberpunk because of the style. Was contemplating Sims, but my life would be short thanks to a pool incident, I’m sure. Ironically, my favorite game, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines would not be my choice at all. Too much nightly horror and couldn’t go out during the day!
  • Mario Party 2! It was my favorite on the N64 and I still have the original one I got as a kid!
  • I LOVE the movie Godfather- and own all 3. so it would be the Godfather. I love mafia drama
  • PAC Man so I could chase down the people that piss me off.
  • If I could be in a video game it would have to be a Mario brothers game where Mario saves the princess. And yea well my princess would be christine and then bow chicka wow wow
  • Mario kart. Just to drive like all the other cray cray people on the freeway. Lol
  • PAC-MAN. Because everyone would play with me !!!
  • I would want to be the main character in Leisure Suit Larry. Because, much like Christine, it’s been a while since I’ve had the balloon animals on a regular basis! Frustratin AF!!!

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