I know a bunch of people that would love “Cooking with Steve” or “General Hospital with Christine”. We were talking about different ideas for podcasts the other day and I know mine would be a relationship thing with a bunch of buddies and you guys. I would love it. There are some unique and fun ideas below to today’s TQOTD.

If you could do a podcast, what would you talk about?

  • How easy it is to waste(eating out,buying things you don't need...) money and not save for retirement.
  • Dogs and cats
  • My life as a dad
  • Parenting, chickens & rabbits. My husband says I always amaze him with what I know.
  • Traveling
  • Racism, deadbeat dads, mean kids, generational poverty
  • Random anything
  • Beer & food. Whatever comes to mind.
  • I would have a podcast about toxic family members and how to deal with it and how to separate yourself from it
  • Ridiciulous people. I’d get new material everyday
  • I’d definitely do a comedy podcast
  • murders whether it be solved or unsolved. or maybe creepy mysteries
  • My podcast would be about my flight attendant experience and the nutty crazy people who forget their brain when on an airplane. Also, travel experience overseas and US travel Second podcast about my ex husband and mail order brides hahahahaha
  • I write a lot of I’d do something akin to Drunk History, but about Lesser Known People/Places/Events
  • I would either do true crime and mental health
  • How to cope with being raised by a single narcissist mother
  • Traveling for sure!
  • One on domestic violence. It is not only physical. It can also be mentally. It is still domestic violence
  • The most random stuff ever! It would be quirky, informative, funny, and a little esoteric.
  • Roller skating, equipment, rinks, style and music.
  • I have a podcast. We talk about music! The Notes McGotes Podcast
  • We have a son that suffered a brain injury at birth, however, he is extremely smart with ALL history facts. I would love to do a podcast with Spencer giving us a daily history lesson (he does this with me on our two mile walks).
  • Haunted history
  • My podcast would be about how kids are a**holes but nobody wants to say it out loud that their kid is an a**hole.... lmao
  • True Crime. Those are the best podcast, especially Morbid
  • Crafts on the couch. With boy bands and Harry Potter talk?!
  • If I had a podcast I would tell stories about my job. I am a stagehand. I have a lot of juicy gossip and drama stories and fun stories. A lot of stories. Maybe I could even do a special podcast from time to time and show people how my job is done. Time lapse videos.
  • If I could do a Podcast I would do it on Dudeism and Chocolate Cannabis Infused Jesus Heads for Communion in place of bland crackers and sparkling grape juice. I'd explain how Luke carried an apothecary with him full of herbs that were, "Miraculous, " and Cannabis had to have been one of them and used frequently. Why else would we have an Endocannabinoid system? It's only job is to use cannabinoids efficiently. So with all It's uses and the fact we have an endocannabinoid system, in my opinion, proves Jesus was not only a rebel, but a rebel with good Bud. Which fits perfectly in with Dudeism as I'm an Ordained Dudeism Priest. So when Fish and Steve are on wedding 2 give me a shout. Ain't living unless ya piss your wife off and get divorced at least once. I'll bring the goodies to the reception, all my leftover Jesus Heads.

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