I remember the day Connie and I were hungry and we couldn’t eat what we wanted, diet and all. So we decided to punish our bellies with this TQOTD.

If you could eat like a kid for a full day, what would you eat?

  • I just ate second dinner of Cap’n Crunch and had Costco Pizza for Lunch so I think I eat like a kid already lol
  • Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho Ho’s, Oh My!
  • Already do.All I do is snack all day.
  • Pancakes with butter. Pasta of all varieties, ice cream.
  • Kraft Spiral Mac & Cheese, fruit loops with whole milk, everything little Debbie and pasta lots of pasta
  • Church potluck food from my childhood - fluff salad, sloppy joes, rice krispy treats, chex mix with m&m’s, lemon pudding bars, ham buns, meatballs, baked beans, scalloped potatoes…. Talk about Heaven!!
  • I ate Jelly Beans for lunch so I guess I still eat like a kid.
  • Cannabis dipped Reese's pieces
  • Uh...I'm not supposed to eat bagel bites and juice boxes?
  • Any sugary treats with a side of regular Mtn dew. I have been a diabetic for the last 15 years. Ps also a large glass of ice cold chocolate milk.
  • Cake, tacos, soda & greasy fries
  • Who’s to say we don’t already have ‘eating like a kid’ days?
  • French Toast
  • Mac and cheese!!
  • if I could eat like a kid, I would eat spoonfuls of peanut butter and Kraft Mac and cheese all day every day
  • Nothing but carbs! Wait , that's how I eat anyway
  • Fruity pebbles, Frosted Flakes, pizza rolls, Taco Bell, just the cherry pop tarts without the crust
  • Cereal!
  • spaghettios with hot dogs. captain crunch with ice cold milk
  • Pancakes
  • Mac N Cheese with sliced hotdogs
  • Pop! Candy! Pixie Stix, Moon Pies, Nerds, etc.
  • I eat like a kid all the time. Candy, ice cream, sweets… it’s a problem
  • I'm an adult....I eat whatever I want so I guess I'm already eating like a child lol
  • Everything! Kids graze all day. Lol
  • Burgers, fries, spaghetti, bread, pizza
  • spaghetti....all day
  • This implies I don't already do that... Everyday
  • Ice cream
  • Root beer float
  • Mac and cheese for every meal!
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • All the gluten!
  • Tacos
  • If I could eat like a kid for a full day. Count Chocula cereal, macaroni and cheese, French fries and chocolate shakes. And don’t forget the pizza
  • I do that’s why I can’t lose weight
  • Ice cream cake, Pretzel and cheese, Peanut butter jelly, Candy- chocolate, Girl scout cookies the thin mint and choco/coconut one. Lunchable, French toast with topping and whip cream, Nutella stacked crepes, Rice Krispies treats. I could go on...
  • OMG carnival food!!!! Elephant ears, corn dogs, giant turkey legs, funnel cakes, chili cheese fries, ice cream, chocolate dipped everything and soooo much
  • I would eat all the shrimp, lobster and crab I could! Yes, I loved it as a kid, difference now? My parents don’t pay for it
  • A bowl of cereal 1/2 Cap'n Crunch 1/2 Lucky Charms. Every kind of fried potato shape/style ( tots, waffle fries, Mc D's fries etc) crispy chicken strips, chocolate Frosty and cheap tacos for dinner + all the Halloween chocolate I could consume
  • I would start off with doughnuts for breakfast, then a snack of doritos and soda while playing video games (I assume I can play like a kid too, right?), then pizza for lunch and candy (M&Ms, Reese's, Snickers, sour patch kids) for dessert. Back to video games. Then I would snack on nachos and popcorn while watching a movie. Dinner time: cheeseburger, fries, and mac and cheese. And finally cake for dessert.

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