Something crazy always happens at family gatherings.  I don't care how "classy" or "well behaved" your family is, something always happens.  So what was your regret and or "do-over" from the weekend?

If you could have a “Do Over” from your Holiday weekend … what would it be and why?

  • TQOTD: I came back from Jamaica on Friday (which I will say my vacation was GLORIOUS, 87 & sunny the whole time), so my do-over would be I would've stayed a whole nother week! Didn't want to come back to this winter storm crap.
  • Text? Of the day... Do over from the holiday weekend what would it be? I wouldn't have spent so much money... ON MYSELF. We have 5 kids and I was supposed to Christmas shop for them. I did, but found more for me 😲 opps!?!?
  • TQOTD...I would have helped with dishes instead of sitting on my ass playing DJ for my nieces with my phone! Wait....just kidding!! I wouldn't change a thing! Maybe I would've had an extra drink! 🍷
  • #tqotd - what I would redo is make my own Thanksgiving dinner so I could have leftovers..... We had none from any of the 3 houses we went to... No turkey sandwiches
  • 😕😟Text ? Of the day.. Do over from the holiday weekend what would it be? I wouldn't have spent so much money.. ON MYSELF. We have 5 kids and I was supposed to Christmas shop for them. I did, but found more for me 😲 opps!?!?
  • I would have spent the day with my next door neighbor, he was home alone and said nothing
  • FROM A GINGER: I would change my grandma's reaction to dying my hair. All weekend " my coppertop is gone" "what did you do?" I needed a change and didn't want to cut my hair so went black 😊
  • #TQOTD Wish I wouldn't have told my family the pie was homemade. It was homemade but not by me. They kept asking questions and just dug me deeper into the lie "that I made it".
  • I would not drink so much. Spent 4 days pounding down the cocktails shots and beer.
  • TQOTD Nothing… I did not have to see my in-laws, it was a perfect
  • #tqotd I'd stay home for Thanksgiving cause my wife's family is frogging crazy and yes she knows
  • I would have told my wife I was sick to get out of going to my mother in laws house.... or would have not have told my wife I would love to go black Friday shopping with her for 19 hours :( it wasn't glorious fish sorry.
  • The only thing I would "Do Over" Is not working in RETAIL (then I would have been able to spend it with my family). My job career has been a series of Unfortunate Events. I would just like to get back into an office setting and actually have the weekend off, but no one will look at me due to currently working in Retail. 😢😤
  • #question of the day, I wish I could have spent Thanksgiving with both of my biological daughters and both of my stepdaughters. It's my wife and ice first Thanksgiving together married. Her two daughters were at their dad's and one of my daughters had to work so we got to spend Thanksgiving with my family and one of my daughters it would have been great if we could have all six had dinner together. Talking to text cuz I'm on City roads so I apologize if something comes up through weird
  • I wish I could do over the fact that my mom had a stroke after holiday shopping on Saturday. I wish I wouldn't have pushed her to go shopping or fight with her during it.
  • I wish I could do over my weight loss surgery that I had so it would happen after Thanksgiving...having to sit there and watch everyone eat and only be able to have liquid kinda sucked. Oh well. #itsforthebest
  • I would've told my fiance and I family's that I was pregnant even though Id only be four weeks, because I just recently found out my Sister-In-Law is 4 months pregnant and is telling everyone on Christmas …our original plan
  • Connie n Fish, I would not have had balloon animals with a random guy from an online dating site. He was weird
  • I would redo my Saturday morning. I woke up around 1 am and my boyfriend came home with about 6 people to hang out after I told him I didn't want anyone overs. Well, long story short... I had to call the cops because someone came and ripped the door handles off of one of the people's car that was at my house and cause major drama for nothing. He was stupid drunk... now no one is allowed over
  • Thanksgiving at my in-laws is stressful. Needless to say, there was a lot of drinking going on during the day, and one of my wife's cousins got TRASHED. Long story short, we found her in the upstairs closet covered in puke. It was also in our shower and on the main stairway, which was wooden, thankfully.
  • "My boyfriend and I had gotten a free hotel room offer at a Detroit casino. We thought it would be fun to stay there and not with family. We were hanging with his sister and she brought her boyfriend. She ended up getting hammered Wednesday night. She asked if she could crash with us in our room. My boyfriend is super nice, so he didn't say no, even though they were very much imposing. They went up to the room early and when we got there, her boyfriend was sleeping on the floor and she was in our bed. It was a big bed, so we just let her stay there and slept on the other side of the bed. I woke up to him in our bed beside her and before I knew it, I heard moaning. The girl's back was literally touching mine and they were having sex. I woke my boyfriend up and told him we needed to go get something from the car, told him what happened, and when we went back to the room, he told them they needed to leave."