After a week's worth of questions about the quarantine and the pandemic, we decided to get a little bit lightrer with today's #TQOTD.

If you could live your life in a movie … which movie would you live in and why?

  • This is a tough one I’d have to say Labryinth!! Who wouldn’t want to be in a movie with David Bowie as the Goblin King ❤️
  • San Andreas... the Rock would save me
  • St Elmo's Fire as it pretty much has everything, love, friendship, drama with a whole load of partying thrown in
  • Wreck-it Ralph!! It would be so cool to live amongst video game characters.
  • Wayne’s world......dam , I would LOVVVVVVE. To b in that car
  • Tombstone well why wouldn’t you! Dirty dancing. I have no rhythm so ...
  • Sounds crazy, but Hunger Games or Harry Potter
  • Back to the Future so I could go back in time and make a vaccine for coronavirus.
  • Harry Potter - I would love to live in a world with magic.
  • The girlfriend in Magic Mike!!
  • The original willy wonka!!!! I wanna live in the chocolate factory!!!!!
  • Not contagion or outbreak #sorrynotsorry
  • Ferris Beullers day off
  • Harry Potter
  • Frozen 2.
  • Mary Poppins
  • Dirty rotten scoundrels.
  • Sex and The City The Movie, amazing clothes, NYC, tasty restaurants, hot men and the bestest friends to share it with.
  • Star trek any of them. Because if it was real. I would be the first in line. And get off this hell on earth
  • If I could live my life in a movie it would be Bringing Up Baby because it is chaotic and fun!
  • Connie I guess that movie before fish did! And that’s also my movie I would pick the notebook
  • Mama Mia, because she lives in a beautiful place, doesn't seem to be hurting for money, is well loved, and has hot men in her life.
  • I wanna be in the goonies so I can do the truffle shuffle
  • If I lived my life in a movie it would have to be Alice in Wonderland! Why? Because theres so much craziness that goes on and so much to do and see, I dont think I'd ever be bored!!!
  • TQOTD.. Burlesque.. Hello!! Hot women, Christina Aguilera, hot dance clothes, dancing, singing, drinks and it's not stripping, but classy lol it's big WIN all around!!
  • TQTD: I would want to live my life in The Gymnast, the athletics of the women is amazing, plus it's a great love story.
  • I'd love to be in the movie "Shawshank Redemption."
  • Morning guys this is BilI would probably have to pick bill and Ted's excellent adventure. I think it would be great to be able to go back in history and meet all the famous people from the past.
  • Sumuru. Poor film but they had the concept right with women ruling the world and men as the sex and chore slaves

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