I don’t know about you but I could really use a road trip. Can you imagine if you could just pick up Aguilera, Reynolds or Downey JR and just drive around and have fun? I can. Let’s daydream together.

If you could take a road trip with someone famous who would it be and where are you going to?

  • Matthew McConaughey anywhere
  • Tom Brady. On the way to the next ring.
  • You Fish
  • If I could travel with someone famous Christine. We’d laugh all the way, plus I’ve been around the world 5 times. Been to Hawaii 22 times. I know all the hot spots and hot guys.
  • Justin Timberlake. I wouldn't care where we went
  • Angelina Jolie or the Rock… drive to Vermont or Washington
  • Bon Jovi. Anywhere that boy would want to go!
  • Pauly Shore! Idk why I find this guy hilarious and so bizarre itd be interesting to say the least!
  • Jack Black! He would be so fun to hang with and non stop laughing!!
  • Avril lavigne or Justin bieber I can relate to them more than any other one..... anywhere we've never been wherever the road would take us
  • Paul Molitor - all the MLB parks
  • Billy Connolly around Scotland, would be hilarious
  • Bradley Cooper and Las Vegas.
  • Dave Grohl to Seattle
  • Ashley Judd. Hiking in Colorado.
  • Dave Grohl and open road trip!
  • Jason Momoa and right to the bedroom! Beep Beep!
  • Melissa McCarthy, Betty White, Sean Connery, Kate Middelton.. I think any of them would be an interesting road trip.
  • Princess Diana
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Tyler Perry. To his studio
  • Golf @Pebblebeach w/ @charlesbarkley
  • Jimmie Johnson and we would go to each nascar track on Sundays for each race
  • If I could travel with anyone it would be Sam Elliott. You're going to have family and I think he would be an awesome blast and it don't hurt that he is the sexiest older gentleman I've ever seen on TV
  • I’d choose somebody Almost Famous because it’s hard to have fun with someone who can’t go anywhere without being recognized.
  • I'd take a trip with Eva Green to Vegas because my husband thinks she's super hot and why not help him get his bucket list wish
  • Connie Kellie we would listen to Abba, Shaun Cassidy, Prince. Helluva road trip!!!
  • I would want Dwayne Johnson for the simple reason he's hot and Fish likes him too. That is a double bonus for me - I would get The Rock & The Fish
  • James Corden, so we could Carpool Karaoke ALL THE WAY!
  • Betty White!! I'd go anywhere with her!!
  • Jimmy Fallon to visit Justin timberlake in Disney land
  • my trip would be with The Rock and Kevin Hart like to an all-inclusive resort cuz I think getting drunk with them would be a blast
  • I think the greatest road trip would be with Mike Myers and Dana carvey in the AMC PACER from Wayne's world!! And we just go anywhere!
  • Gerard Butler and to the closest hotel I can find

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