We talk a lot about our spouses on the radio.  So much so, that you feel like you practically know them!  So, we decided to ask our listeners to text in and answer this question: "If you had a morning show, what would you say about your spouse?"

Here are the listeners responses:

  • I would get in trouble talking about my wife on radio because I don’t seem to do indoor chores correctly. Example: just completed 12 loads of laundry but didn’t fold and stack towels correctly in linen cabinet. # irritating
  • Hello my name is Lexi, and I would talk about my girlfriend Amy. And how she never fails to make me feel better about myself.
  • I would come in every morning and tell stories about what I caught him eating/doing on Ambien the night before. I once watched him try to figure out why he couldn't make coffee in the keurig into a milk jug
  • Question of the day - I think I would be mostly honest about my spouse, like a Connie. I wouldn't say anything negative that would upset him. This morning I would be talking about how over the weekend, my husband got so drunk he dropped a nearly full glass of water into our bed.
  • I would talk about how my spouse can't do serious. He is always joking. Most times he makes me laugh but there are times where I get annoyed.
  • My girlfriend wanted a Christmas tree in every room. I said that was overkill. So we compromised and now there’s a Christmas tree in every room
  • I would say it was a good riddance. #singlenocares
  • If I had a morning show I would tell everyone about my spouses obsession with rocks....he’s a geologist and it’s now to the point where I will dress up and look nice and he will compare me/my outfit to a certain type of rock...
  • This is a exact text I sent my husband this morning this is what I would be talking about" You know if you were going to be farting the whole way home the least you could have done was left my windows open"
  • I would absolutely talk about his snoring and constant scratching of his butt during the night...ugh!
  • My girlfriend will argue about anything! I could talk about our ridiculously stupid arguments every day of the week
  • My mom taught me that if I had nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, so if I had a morning show I wouldn’t say anything about my husband because he sucks at adulting and sucks the most at being a husband. BUT.... I would definitely say great things about my boyfriend. He’s awesome! A great listener, fixes my car, cooks for me, does my laundry, pays attention to the tiniest detail etc. Sadly when my baby is born, she will legally be my husband’s child and not my boyfriend’s. Child support from 2 dads for 1 child is going to be great though
  • If i had my own talk show, most of what i said would be censored! I cuss to much to be able to have one lol. It would depend on the day though, rn it would be all bad cuz i caught him talking to some b*tch and asking for nudes.....That mother humper.
  • The slightest bit of clinginess from my husband makes me want to punch him in the face!! Sorry Steve.
  • I would talk about why my husband continues to look for a new cable provider, we have had every single one and we continue to switch around back-and-forth every few months because he can’t settle on one, is this a common thing? So bizarre.
  • If I had a morning show I would rant about my boyfriend and how he is too OCD with his silverware. I brought over my own and he won't use it because the prongs are too little. And it's okay though. He listens to NPR and not the radio. I'll be fine :)
  • I would talk about how my husband is the biggest mama's boy. I would also talk about the crazy things he does and says in his sleep. For example when he was sleeping I caught him sniffing his blanket and I asked him what he was doing and he told me he liked the smell of his blanket because it smelled like his armpits
  • I would talk about how my ex husband cheated on me and got caught having sex with in his police car while on duty and got fired. With some skank he met that worked at the gas station he frequented.
  • I would say my husband is the reason I wake up with a smile on my face, the reason I can face anything that comes my way. He is a blessing I never saw coming, but so thankful I have him!
  • I think I am like Steve, I have nothing bad to say about my boyfriend. Been dating for years, and have never fought. He is literally my best friend.

Ha, those were great!  We will be doing this topic again, so if you want to add your input, you can either text in: (616) 770-8957 or just write what you'd say in the comments!