We are past new year's resolutions and we are on to what we actually think is going to happen in 2019.  That's why we want you to describe your upcoming year with just a single word!

If you had to choose a word to describe the coming year for you, What would it be

  • TQOTD: I would say the one word that would describe my upcoming year is unpredictable.
  • One work to describe this coming year for me would be blessed! My second son is being born in April!
  • My word for 2019 is change. After 9 years in Hong Kong, we are moving back to the Mitten in July!!!
  • TQOTD... A word to describe the upcoming year... Achieved... I'm going to blast through some of my goals like the WONDER WOMEN that I am... I got this!!!!! So happy you are home.. x
  • "Freedom" Freedom from debt. I have $11,000 in debt that I plan to pay off this year. Debt from old credit cards, debt from medical bills etc. etc. I'm a single mom, in my own house that I bought in my own car that I bought. I can do this!!!
  • My kiddo (who is 13) is part of a travel softball team. Each season they choose a word!! They write it on their arm for each tournament! My kiddo's word - ALWAYS. Always give your best. Always know! Your count, #of outs, where are the runners. Always what's your next move. Always be aware and in the moment. Thought this one was good for life too!
  • Text q I'd the day: zen
  • My name is Tracy from Grandville and my word is Balance. Extremes are hard to maintain and when your work, health, and personal life are in Balance - life is good! Love you guys!!
  • Improvement. I'm going back to school at 38 to better myself and my daughter's life......
  • My word for the year is: Cherish.. trying to cherish the little things in life and the time to spend with friends and family!
  • My word would be... amazing. It's already started with my husband getting a grip on reality with our relationship and a promotion at work! #2019ismyyear
  • Donkey..........as in stubborn as
  • My word is persistence, having baby #3 this spring, I watch 2 other kids as well, and I'm going to school full time.
  • Current word of the year BROKE wanted word of the year CAREER. Or POWERBALL I would be happy with that one also I guess.
  • Resilient - no matter that I have been battling cancer and other health issues over the last 10 years and my husband lost his job he had been at for 28 years in the spring. He now has an awesome job that he loves and I'm still keeping the medical field employed but taking each day as it comes and making the most of it!!!!
  • TQOTD: MoneyManagement really says it fast it's 1 word. Get rid of as much debt as we can so we can pay to go on Conn and Fish Trip next year! Priorities MAN!!!
    Divorce. My husband physically assaulted me.
  • Vulnerability … Being vulnerable helps connect us as humans and eliminates shame and fear
  • This is for the text question of the day. I guess mine is more of a phrase. Move it on up oh, like The Jeffersons LOL. My husband's been promoted this year in all play I will also
  • Hi Connie and fish! My word this year is happy. I chose this word because I am looking forward to graduating from grad school in May so I get too focused on the future and I want to be happy and make the most of the "right now."
  • Karma baby. It's about time for "my people" to have their turn. The past 2 yrs have been hell. Divorced as of 4/20/18
  • Hi Connie and fish My word of the year would be SUCCESS!! #hoopingforapromotion #RN
  • My word for the year is to conquer. I'm on a weightloss journey, and I will CONQUER my goals!
  • #questionoftheday, my word would be "goals" my wife and I have decided that we are going to do a triathlon this year and by next year I would love to be able to do an Ironman
  • Debt-free... is that on the word? Well, I made it one word, it's pretty self-explanatory. It's time to live free
  • My word would be escape. Me and my friend want to go camping up north in the fall in the woods. And I have a new gaming computer that I can escape all of the tit biscuit bullsh*t that is going to be going on in my life and who knows a Grom (small motorcycle) has a strong possibility of happening too
  • My word this year is “better”. I started a new job In November and I have been able to start saving money. I also have more time to spend with friends and family.
    my name is Lacey. I'm 27. if one word is going to describe my year, I'd want it to be college. I've been wanting to go back to school for a couple years now and be a child psychologist and now I work somewhere that will pay towards tuition so I finally feel like my dream is possible.
  • My word for this year is growth. I want to use this year to grow into being a better friend and a better girlfriend and just a better person all together
  • Stability/Better. Sorry guys I can't choose just one word. But both of them are very significant to this year. Found a regular day job outside of retail and am still keeping a retail position a couple nights a week just so that we can pay off bills!! #breakingrules. #BESTRadioShow
  • My word for the year is 5. I plan to make 5 new friends. I plan to lose 5% of my. body fat. I plan to put away 5% of my weekly salary just for emergencies and fun. I plan to reconnect with 5 old friends.
  • #winning Because 2017&2018 were years of growth for me. Now, it's time to win at life! (Missed you guys!)
  • Over-it
  • Can, is my word. No matter attitude of defeat.
  • Forgiveness
  • Security. I want to be financially secure. Have an interview for a promotion today. Wish me luck
  • Word of the day: healthy. I'm going to get mentally, physically, and have healthier relationships in 2019
  • Semi-retired is ok, but retired is better.
  • Upgraded! New fiance new job new home new me cannot wait
  • Mindfulness: being more mindful of what I consume and my internal dialogue.
  • Naked. I've been working out a lot so I'd like to wear fewer clothes this year
  • I don't know if you're still taking words of the year but mine for 2019 is "relax." I know it sounds odd, but I struggle with relaxing. Last year, I purposely took as much time off consecutively I could because it takes me so long to unwind.
  • Karma baby. It's about time for everyone who turned to get theirs. Family mostly; unfortunately