We are all looking for new shows to binge so I thought today’s TQOTD would be interesting. My mother was such a fan of the show The Tudors (if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend) so I sometimes think it would be a little fun to be King Henry the VIII. Steve wants to be Elaine from Seinfeld and Christine wants to be Aunt Becky from Full House. All of these are our parents favorite TV shows. What about you?

If your life had to be lived in your parents favorite TV show … what show would it be and what character are you?

  • The Simpsons... I would assume I’m Lisa, but really I’m more like Bart
  • My Dad loved baseball.. I would maybe be the bat boy because I can't think of any other job for me....mom loved Lawrence Welk and trust singing or playing an instrument is not in my wheel house!
  • Damn it I'm in a John Wayne movie.
  • The Fonz from happy days
  • Our son said Futurama and he'd be Zoidberg (that's for dad) Murder She Wrote for me and he'd like to be Angela Lansbury
  • Golden Girls, Dorothy
  • Mama's family. I would be Eunice
  • Seinfeld
  • Bonanza. And I'm def little Joe!
  • Z Nation and I would be Addison Carver because we both kick butt
  • Hill Street Blues. I'm Lucy Bates or Mick Belker
  • Probably Dr. Who. I don’t remember any of the characters except Dr. Who and the darlects
  • Perry mason and I guess a lawyer but since I'm a woman and it was over 50yrs ago did they have any on the show? Lol
  • The Young and the Restless lol I'm not sure who I would be though
  • Days of our lives
  • Andy Griffith and I am Barney fiefth
  • Dallas. I’ll be Sue Ellen.
  • I’d have to live in all in the family. I guess that would make me Gloria.
  • Knots landing
  • Star Trek
  • My parents don’t have a favorite tv show, they believe tv “rots the brain” even though they watch a lot of it. The only types of sitcom shows they approve of are I Love Lucy and Lawrence Welk. If they could make me into any tv character, it would be one of the male tenors on Lawrence Welk.
  • My husband told me: Archie Bunker and I would be Edith bc I am always calling his name when I come in the door from work, just calling him for a hug. It is in the same way for added fun.
  • My Mom's TV Show would either be The Waltons / Little House in the Prairie or an HGTV show. My Dad's TV show would be either Sports or a cooking show w/ Guy.
  • Cheers! And I'm definitely Carla. And... my mailman in real time is named Cliff . The joy when I found that out.
  • The Waltons.. me and both my brothers were named after them
  • Well I see Gilmore Girls on all the time, no clue about who I would be. Never seen it. I know mom loves Golden Girls! Blanche it is
  • Unsolved Mysteries.....nope not going there lol
  • Bob Ross...his painting show!
  • Probably Fixer Upper and I’d probably be Chip Gaines because momma want her some shiplap!
  • My Dad loved wrestling. I would be Chyna.

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