I wish I could still talk with her. I know I didn’t do it enough. Please pay attention to your Mom.

This is a big week for a lot of Moms out there. This is the week where they hope and pray for their child, puppy, partner or whatever to hook them up on Sunday for Mother’s Day.  Personally for me it’s not really the best week. Four years ago yesterday my Mother, I am a mommy's boy by the way, passed away.

My Mom was an incredible force in my life. She stayed at home while my Dad, retired child psychologist (kind of helps you understand me right?), worked a few different gigs to provide us a very solid “middle class” life. Later in my life, Mom used to come on the show and talk about her life and sometimes “lack of” sex life with my father. It was truly hysterical and with her childhood kind of normal.

Here is why Mom was kind of relaxed with the naughty and funny the way she was.  Born and raised in England (much naughtier humor there) she moved to America as a nanny when she was 17. She met my father they fell in love … balloon animals … Baby Fishy many years later. So, growing up we had a great friendship, that’s how a Momma's boy is made, and when I turned 18 it became a BEST friendship.

I wanted to provide a little context for my point. I wanted you guys to understand the “method to my madness” here. Lost a friend (more like family) of over 20 years this year (Connie) lost Mom four years ago yesterday. Makes you reflect on things a little more.  Makes you look at your life differently. Realize that sometimes you may have taken those little things for granted.

So please, if you can see it in your heart this week and maybe even a little more then you do now, just take a minute and chat with your Mom. Not all of us can do it anymore and would love to, more then you know.

Happy Mother’s Day human and animal Mommas!!!

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