If I could go back in time (insert song … hehehehe) I would for sure sit down with Mum and Dad and tell them to make me eat healthier and maybe workout. As far as fun advice I would for sure talk them into letting me have some of my female friends sleepover. I really could have understood the female mind better and wouldn’t have to wait years to learn from Connie. However, I was very fortunate to have a great set of parents and I am sure we all have fun things we might say to one or both of them … This turned out to be a very interesting TQOTD:

If you met your parents before you were born, what FUN advice would you give them on raising you?

  • Whatever you do don't let me drop out of high school push me to graduate
  • Get me a horse! Support and fuel my passion!
  • I'd tell my mom to run. Don't look back.
  • Make me learn a language and learn to read and play music
  • I would tell them to pierce my ears while I was a baby!
  • Put me in dance classes and gymnastics!! Jeesh!!
  • Provide me with private schools with better course curriculum. Public schools suck.
  • Take me on more Summer vacation
  • Make a better dirt track for better BMX racing. One we made was okay but we could of done better. 😂
  • Let me take all the random classes I wanted to as a kid (multiple dance classes, different instruments, cooking, foreign language). I'm happier as a jack of trades but master of none, than I ever was feeling like I had to excel in one skill.
  • Go to the doctor so I can have more time with you
  • Get your license mom!!!!!My mom never drove
  • Stop stressing all 5 of us kids turned out fine. Happy and Healthy. And you did a awesome job raising us
  • I'll go with DON'T DO DRUGS DUMBASS
  • That I really need a horse or 2 or 3.
  • Just leave him already and spend time with your daughters.
  • There’s a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies I hid up in the snack cupboard that we won’t find until you move out 4 years later…. You might want to clean that out sooner
  • Just be present in our lives.
  • Hold on tight
  • Don't ground her to her room for a summer for a dirty dish. Don't put him in charge of the discipline. Encourage her photography instead of making fun of it.
  • More summer vacation
  • Listen, show some love. Hugs at least.
  • Show her affection; tell her you love her; don’t criticize her for her weight (you’re not one to judge); encourage her to go to college instead of telling her all of the negative reasons why you dropped out; actually care about her, what she’s doing and who she’s friends with; talk to/teach her about girly things (periods, make-up, sex, love, dreams….).
  • Stop being so serious. Don’t be afraid to have fun.
  • Let her keep the punk rock hairstyle, it's only hair.
  • My mom divorced my dad when I was 11 and my sister was 14, she always made everything fun. We drove to panama city to go camping every year for 5 years str8, we travelled abroad and within the US, we explored, she made life as fun as it could've been. I wouldn't change my childhood with her for anything. maybe a little more junk food
  • If I met my parents before I was born, I would tell them to not be so loud when making balloon animals. A fricken nightmare growing up. I would also tell them to cook more rather than getting fast food all the time. My childhood was so sucky lol.
  • If you guys ever have kids, and one of them, when he's eight years old accidentally sets fire to the living room rug? Go easy on him.
  • When you find the vodka orange juice in the backyard, join in instead of dumping it out lmao
  • For my first Christmas, forget the choo choo train and just get me a share of Apple stock.

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