Christine got to stick to her choice of a Yorkie dog named pickles and Steve is a yellow cat named Butters after South Park. So I threw out that I want to be an English Bulldog named Brutus and everyone said I should be called squishy because … I am squishy. BOO TO YOU!

If you were a pet, what would your name be? And why?

  • Snoozer, cause I love naps.
  • Squishy, because I am.
  • Droopy...self-explanatory and I’d be a Labrador Retriever
  • Bacon. Cause who doesn’t love bacon.
  • boba (as in the tea) I’m drinking 😝
  • I would be my English Bulldog, who was named Baby Girl. Cause who doesn't love a baby girl, especially with this face?
  • If I was a pet my name would be Lilliputian. Why you ask…? Because I am small, only 4’11. Thank you for an entertaining work commute.
  • Diamond
  • Lily Claire because if our son was a girl that would have been the name.
  • Ginger cuz of hair color
  • Iddy... because I'm such an idiot.
  • Dale Jarrett My favorite race car driver
  • Tucker the cat because he was my favorite
  • F'ing cat, I just let you out!
  • Ozzy Pawsbourne the Prince of Barkness. Cause why not?
  • Lady Naps-A-Lot
  • Morgan Purrman, cuz of my favorite actor
  • Snoop Dogg. Because duh…he is the coolest dude out there. And he’s friends with Martha Stewart. (And it’s my dog’s name)
  • If I was a pet it would be a lion named Legend or a monkey named Inferno! A lion because I'm a Leo and a monkey because why not?
  • princess, because i’d like to be spoiled 😋
  • I'd be a rabbit named thumper and the reason why is because bunny's have lots of balloon animals #hamburger #internsteve

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