I remember Connie, Steve and I coming up with this Text Question of the Day. I remember Connie picking on me and Steve … well he may have joined in. I promise you this … I think it’s very unlikely for me to get busted doing balloon animal things in public. Most likely. Probably not. Uhhhhhh … ok … I move on. Here is the TQOTD from 2018.

If you were arrested, what would your friends think it was for?

  • Probably for singing, I smell bacon I smell pork run little piggy I have a fork!
  • Flashing
  • Drunk in Public
  • Running my mouth
  • Punching someone who tried to make me wear a mask
  • Assault
  • Being sarcastic to the arresting officer
  • Stepping between a child and a parent who was being physical with them
  • Getting into a fight with my ex’s girlfriend who I can’t stand
  • Bodies found in my backyard
  • Finally snapping because of something stupid happening around me. Like stupid in an OMG is this even real, stupid? Lol
  • Bank robbery....I like to wear sunglasses and a hat with my mask
  • Trying to cross the Canadian border and not taking no for answers 😂
  • Wow we were just talking about this at work today! It would be for killing stupid people!
  • Fish-would get arrested for running his mouth too much. Christine-get arrested for kicking a deadbeat boyfriend to the curb, literally. Steve-get arrested for being a know it all. Lol.
  • My friends would think that I finally snapped and got arrested for assaulting a coworker 😂😂 Im so passive and I let people walk all over me they would assume that I finally snapped and stopped taking peoples crap
  • It would be breaking up the bar fight that Fish started. I hate fighting and I started breaking up fights back in elementary school all the way up to present day. I was even a bouncer years ago.
  • assault(i used to get slappy when i drank but not for a long time), stealing an animal (from an abusive home), or drunk & disorderly conduct 😩
  • Ha! They wouldn’t believe it and think it was a mistake on the police’s part.
  • A Tequila incident…
  • Stealing yarn
  • Fighting in a fb crafting group. Those pages get dicey
  • Literally killing someone with my razor-sharp wit.

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