How? How did this become the Text Question of the Day? Well, it's because Connie and Fish got slap happy and decided to combine two text questions together and do it in the shower. Um, OK...

Connie and Fish combined both of their ideas for the Text Question of the day …
If you were forced to stare at a family member in the shower, for one hour, who would it be … and why?

  • Okay first of all.... what the fuck with this TQOTD? I would probably pick one of my cousins that I am most comfortable with, cause we could easily just talk the whole time & joke around ‍OR a super distant relative who I will not see in the near future
  • My husband because that’s the only person that wouldn’t make me wanna rip my eyes out
  • My fiancé If I had to stare at anyone else I’d be scarred!
  • Well my options are my husband, my sons, my mother in law, and my sister in law. I’m gonna have to say my hubby, but it would probably lead to balloon animals
  • SWB: Well this sounds a little wrong but my daughter I guess. She's almost 6 and the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
  • Definitely my husband! Why in the world would I look at anyone else in the shower Creepy.
  • This question creeps me out... if the answer is anything but your significant other I'm very concerned for you. Lol
  • Bill because he is the best thing that has happened to me.
  • My grandbaby! Although she can’t go in the shower alone though.
  • Who came up with this creepy question? Lol! It’s a bit of a stretch
  • My husband because he's sexy! I can't even imagine staring at anyone else, eek!
  • My 2 year old grandson so a) he doesn't flood my bathroom & b) he doesn't drown.
  • Why is anyone in the shower for an hour?!? How dirty are they?
  • Bow chika bow wow someone got freaky this weekend
  • My husband just cuz hes so dang sexy
  • My fiancé
  • Jake
  • Who takes an hour-long shower? My hubby ,sure in the heck don't want to look at my son.
  • My dog Brody. It would take that long to wash him.
  • My husband, but I don't think I'd last an hour without balloon animals.
  • It would be my 5 year old granddaughter.
  • Hubby. I already sneak peaks often. Just another tally to add to my creeper status
  • My dog because we have starring contests on the daily.
  • Firstly....who takes an hour-long shower??!!
  • My adorable little grandkids
  • My husband.
  • I'd stare at my dog Loki, but for an hour? That would be cruel!
  • I would watch my youngest daughter because she takes the longest showers and wastes not only shampoo and soap but shaving cream. She's not old enough to shave. I just wanna see if she's painting the shower with all this.
  • I would stare at my cousins husband because he is HOTT!! Haaaamburger
  • What, the hell kind of weekend did you guys have! Fish, stop thinkin about your mother in law! I. Just. Cant. Answer. This....
  • BIP: I think ya'll been quarantined too long... Staring at people in the shower how gross…
  • It be my adopted brother. At least he's covered with tattoos and also very very blessed below the belt.
  • My 31 year old great niece. She has flauless light brown skin. She's beautiful n sexy n cool as can be!!

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