Let's get really goofy for the Text Question of the Day today. You wake up as your favorite animal, what do you do?

If you woke up one day as your favorite animal … what would you be and what would be the first thing you do??????

  • A cat so I could lick every one I know and it wouldn't be weird lol
  • My favorite animal would be a kitten. They are cute, adorable, and did I mention cute?!?
  • If I could be an wake up and be an animal. I would be a big ol’ Pink Flamingo! I would be the most annoying bird in the yard of people who irritate my soul.
  • If I woke up one day and was my favorite animal I would be an owl, the eagle owl. The eagle Owl is the largest owl in the world and is from Europe. The first thing I would do is fly around Europe and visit all the tourist sites.
  • Black Jaguar, I'd do what they do best eat then sleep
  • I would be our dog. Squeezed between his 2 dads all night then humps one of their arms when we wake up. He thinks he owns us
  • I'd be a cat. Lie in sunbeams and sleep all day sounds pretty amazing right now.
  • I'd be a cat. The first thing I'd do is jump on my hooman at 5am and demand food.
  • A Camel. They are big goofy babies. I love the faces.
  • Sea Turtle...travel the world, in the deep blue oceans
  • Panda in captivity. Lay around and eat and sleep.
  • A dog and I’d take a dump In my neighbors yard. Just like their dog does in mine.
  • A cat. I'd find the first sunbeam to nap in!
  • I'd be doing sea otter things! Holding hands with a buddy, sleeping, playing with rocks, snacking lol
  • I woukd be a Black Panther and protect my family at all costs.
  • Koala...grabs some eucalyptus leaves and go back to sleep Lol
  • I would be a sloth and I would go back to sleep.
  • I would be a tiger and rule my neighborhood.
  • Wolf and would howl at the moon!
  • Panda!! I would be cute and roll around
  • Lion and find palace to nap
  • I would wake up tomorrow morning as a raccoon, because I'm basically already a raccoon. I would be cute and fat and happy, with dark circles under my eyes and an attitude. First thing I would do is go eat whatever the heck I wanted.
  • I'm with Steve, I would definitely be a cat and definitely go get some back scratches, maybe demand some food, but 100% go for all the petting I can get
  • #tqotd my favorite animal is a manatee. I would just go float be fat and eat
  • I'd be a white duck. I'd go for a little walk to a pond and quack to my little hearts content. Either that or a fart squirrel. I'd just go find a cozy place in a forest to take an unbothered nap.
  • I would be one of these and I would fly and soar over the most beautiful places. ♥️
  • If I woke up and I was any animal. I would want to be a Condor and I would hang out by a busy car wash and carpet bomb all the vehicles coming out. Why, because I could...I'm a freakin' Condor. (insert cheesy smile)