OK, Click of Six, it's time to get down and dirty and tell us exactly why you are bad!

I'm BAD because of... BLANK

  • I'm mad that women's health is ignored, I had all the right symptoms but they ordered the wrong tests for a year of me insisting the right test
  • ...because of how much I despise doing bedtime with 3 little kids when its summer and bright as heck outside at bedtime. Mommy needs ONE hour alone
  • My laziness. House is a mess, just stepped in something sticky on the kitchen floor, don’t care. It’s tv time and bedtime. Slip a pair of crocs on and no one will feel the nasty floors
  • My mouth... I'm a nice guy usually but my mouth, switches gears faster than my brain sometimes! Lol
  • I used to love cooking for the family but I really don't anymore. I hate making the same things love and over again. Frankly I'm over it.
  • Being addicted to TV. I’m currently watching Lenox Hill on Netflix...it’s so good. Also, my husband and I really like Genetic Detective on Tuesday nights at 10pm.
  • because I usually fall asleep, when putting my 3 year old to bed....that leaves no time with the hubby.
  • My mouth gets me into trouble all the time.
  • because I no longer read for pleasure. Spent my childhood devouring books and as an adult I feel like my responsibilities are a priority and that leaves just about no room for reading and when I do, I feel like my time could have been better spent. Sad. I definitely miss the days when I could spend almost every waking moment reading.
  • I am bad because of my impatience.
  • I am like Connie and my lack of tolerance has gotten worse but also my edit button is broken when it comes to tolerance . I have no problem telling people how I feel about things when it comes to that. I have a short fuse for stupidity or cruelty .
  • I'm bad cuz I can't stand stupid driving skills of the ppl on the road around me and I cuss and flip A lot of ppl off daily
  • I am bad because, the more I hear of the negative and violent actions of adults to kids, I want to become an anti-hero and destroy those who would harm a child.
  • Anyway I really am mild mannered, LOL.
  • Oops, real TQOTD then: I'm bad because of... Umm my posture. Hence the desk converter I mentioned. I try to pay attention, but I always find myself with awful posture after being by my computer for a while.
  • My love of traveling.... I don't have savings, I go places!!!
  • I have a small tube that gets me there
  • Because your happiness is not my responsibility.
  • Because I tell customers the wrong isle when they ask me where to find things
  • I walk around in the summer time sayin "how about this heat?"
  • I insult people, but frame it as a rhetorical question.
  • I try to be funny during times where laughing or joking is considered rude.
  • I'm the jealous type. I absolutely hate this about myself and I'm not sure how to stop it besides constantly telling myself "no" mentally and not letting myself have a visceral reaction.
  • I'm too self absorbed
  • I make zero effort to hang out with people, then get a little irritated that no one asks me to hang out.
  • I save my farts until I get in the car
  • I'm bad cuz if you f me over I'll f you over three times as hard!

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