While Ludacris was Rocking The Rapids, Saturday, downtown Grand Rapids without incident, thousands of Sugarland and Sara Bareilles fans were fleeing from an outdoor stage at the Indiana State Fair after it collapsed.

If you watch the video -- and I do warn you that you may not want to -- you can see that all of a sudden it got really windy at the fairgrounds.  Enough to blow the entire stage rigging to the ground and onto several bystanders.  Five were instantly killed and about 40 others are in the hospital this morning with injuries sustained during the crash.

* My precaution in watching the cell phone video is to let you know that you don't see up close pictures of those who were killed or injured, but you do see the rigging crash into the crowd and hear the horror and instant panic that rushed through the fairgrounds.

With that said ... click the link below and sign in. You do need to verify that you are of age to watch it and that you understand it may not be appropriate for all viewers. Please keep each survivor and the families who lost a loved one in your thoughts and prayers today.

Here's an update from Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels who describes the heroic efforts of those who aided in the rescue efforts: